In the summer of 2023, the opening of the new Tomaz winery is expected, which will spread over 1,650 square meters, where wines will be created using advanced technologies, and visitors will have a spacious tasting room with a view of the family vineyards and the town of Motovun, where they will have the opportunity to experience an unforgettable wine experience.


Autochthonous Istrian stone is used for the construction of the new winery, and the external appearance is especially notable due to the corten that served as inspiration for the new visual identity of the Tomaz brand.


Corten is a type of steel that forms a solid layer of patina when exposed to the weather and thus protects elements from further corrosion, taking on a 'rusty appearance'. Apart from the visual impression, this material was chosen because of the symbolism it hides in itself. Doing viticulture is an extremely demanding job dependent on weather influences that are constantly changing, leaving marks on the vineyards, just as weather conditions do to Corten - by constantly changing it over the years, always bring something new and unique.