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The Tomaz winery is located at the foot of a small town of Motovun. The 16 hectares of their vineyards extend on the slopes of the same townlet. The annual production reaches up to 100,000 bottles.

The Istrian Malvazija is dominant, while other autochthonous varieties are Teran and Muscat (Moscatel or Moscatel). Along with the aforementioned labels, Merlot stands out, while Rosè and sparkling wine are made from Teran.

The advantage of the Tomaz family's wines is represented by the micro-climate conditions where Mediterranean and continental climates combine.

This influences a great difference in temperature during the day and night, which benefits the quality of ripening of the grapes and enriches the wine with a very intense aromatic flavor.

Teran Barbarossa

Teran Barbarossa 2015

Teran Barbarossa is produced exclusively from the grape variety Teran from the Motovun Vineyard, aged 18 months in wooden oak barrels...


Malvazija Avangarde

Malvazija Avangarde 2017

Malvazija Avangarde is a wine produced exclusively from the variety - Istrian Malvazija, from the Motovun Vineyard. Wine is of a great potential...

Rose Flaminio

Rose Flaminio 2017

Rosè Flamino is our light and drinkable wine made from Teran, which with its brilliant freshness gets greatly playful and elegant. The aroma is reminiscent

Merlot Silente

Merlot Silente 2016

Bordeaux's grape varieties have been blown all over the world, and the prince of these vineyards - Merlot found its perfect location under the walls of the...

Muskat Dolce Anima

Muskat Dolce anima 2017

Dolce anima Muskat is a dessert wine of golden hues, while the aroma is reminiscent of flowers, lemon peel and other citrus fruit. Dolce anima is served...

Sparkling wine Extra dry

Sparkling wine Extra dry

The sparkling Cuvèe from Teran, Merlot and Bold Malvasia has been made by the Charmat method – secondary fermentation in tanks. The aroma resembles....

Malvazija Sesto senso

Malvazija Sesto senso 2015

Malvazija Sesto senso is produced from selected high quality berries. After the harvest, a 21-day- maceration was carried out and later the wine settled on a...


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