Captivating panorama showcasing the beauty of Motovun Valley in the heart of Istria, surrounded by vineyards.
Idilični vinogradi oko Vinarije Tomaz u srcu Istre.
Slikoviti vinogradski pogledi oko Tomaz Vinarije u predivnom Motovunu.
Panoramic vista capturing the grape beauty at Tomaz Winery, Motovun's vinicultural masterpiece.
Discover award-winning TOMAZ Wines from Motovun, distinguished by their excellence and celebrated by Decanter awards.



On heavy, loamy, and marly soils in the unique climate of the Mirna river, the Tomaz family cultivates vines in harmony. Motovun, well-known for its truffles and Motovun forest, is the birthplace of these unique works of art, the frameless wines.

Motovun soil

Motovun forest

White truffle

Obitelji Tomaz iz Motovuna, obitelj strastvenih vinara posvećenih tradiciji i vrhunskim vinima.



Although ordinary at first glance, our story is anything but ordinary. It started with a lot of courage and enthusiasm at the time of one of the world's biggest crises in 2008 with the desire to create our own product that would satisfy repressed wishes, passions and fantasies, and then as such became known to the public.

"Every time I visit Motovun, I always make a point to stop at Klaudio Tomaz's place. It has become a routine for me. Not only does Tomaz have excellent wines, but he is also excellent company, along with his wife Danijela and their entire family. In just five minutes, regardless of my mood, Klaudio brightens up my day. There's a positive energy about him that propels things forward. That's precisely why he managed to achieve nothing less than the golden Decanter for his wines. He constantly strives for more, always seeking improvement. He never settles for mediocrity."

Barbara Ban /

"Besides being appreciated, loved, and even adored by wine lovers, Tomaz's wines now offer an additional level of interaction through a QR code integrated into the label. By scanning the code, the taster is instantly 'teleported' to the stunning town of Motovun. According to Klaudio, it is the most beautiful town in the world, and that is certainly not far from the truth. So, besides tasting the wine and experiencing its aroma and flavour, you also visually become a part of the story that portrays scenes from the winemaker's everyday life."

Davor Šišović /

"It's wonderfully soothing to sit with the Tomaz family and listen to their story about quality and the remarkable success it has brought. If you want to hear a tale that emerged from love for work, nature, and family, you know where to find it. We have just discovered it."

Ribafish (Domagoj Jakopović) /

"It seems that Tomaz's uniqueness, perseverance, and love for wine, as well as the love within this beautiful family, are crucial for the exceptional quality. Because all the members of this family visibly breathe as one entity. Love, I would say, is primarily what has placed Tomaz at the top of the wine list of Croatia, and the recipe is only seemingly simple: long-standing family tradition and the unique Motovun terroir, plus passion and wine knowledge."

Sanja Muzaferija /



The new Tomaz winery is now open, spanning over 1,650 square meters. Utilizing advanced technologies, the winery crafts exceptional wines. Visitors can indulge in a spacious tasting room that offers panoramic views of the family vineyards and the town of Motovun, providing them with the opportunity to relish an unforgettable wine experience.

Portret oca i sina, Klaudija i Antonia Tomaza, koji s ljubavlju vode vinariju u prekrasnom Motovunu.
Uživajte u ekskluzivnom vinu Barbarossa teran iz Vinarije Tomaz, smještene u slikovitoj Istri kod Motovuna.